Defender of the Crown

The game is set in Medieval England and is loosely based on the 1952 classic movie Ivanhoe. King Richard has been assassinated and England needs a new King. Just to make it worse, the Royal Crown has been stolen. A civil war breaks out and so begins the battle between 6 Lords to take over all of England. You get to join the action as one of 4 Saxon Lords. You start off with one castle and a tiny army, and must conquer other counties to boost your income and army. You get to fight computer simulated battles, raid enemy castles, fire a catapult at castle walls, go jousting, rescue a few beautiful maidens in distress (my favourite part) and the list goes on. Robin Hood makes a guest appearance of course. In fact Robin was the one who stole the Crown...oops sorry, I just ruined the whole game.

Defender of the Crown was released on many different platforms and I am collecting as many versions as possible. Please contact me if you have anything I can add to this page.
Commodore 64
PC - CGA (4 color)*
PC - EGA (16 color)*
Atari ST
Apple II GS
Nintendo (NES - ROM)
CPC (French)

* NOTE: The PC - CGA, and PC - EGA versions of the games were designed to run on older IBM compatible Systems so you may have problems getting them to run on a modern PC as the game runs to fast or you graphics or sound cards may not be supported.

You can download the Commodore 64 or Amiga versions and then use an emulator to run the game on your PC. I recommend downloading the C64 version and using CCS64

Cinemaware, the original Defender of the Crown creators, have released a new 3D version of the game called Robin Hood Defender of the Crown.

You can purchase it online at Amazon.com

it is available for

Xbox &
Playstation 2

Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever is another remake of the Classic game by eGames

Here are some screenshots of the game I have collected.

The Castle Siege

One of the beautiful maidens

Fanfare before a Jousting Tournament

Raiding the Castle

Website of James D. Sachs - Game artist
Cinemaware website - www.cinemaware.com
Fan site with samples of the music from the game